Eerlijk Delen steunt een school nabij Lahore met schoolboeken voor 50 leerlingen

In 2017 Eerlijk Delen has also supported Human Friends Organization in Lahore, Pakistan. Youhanabad is a largest Christian residential area in the district of Lahore. The majority of people are living in poverty. Unfortunately, there is no Government school. On 15 March 2015 two Christian Churches were attacked together at a same time. The volunteers security guards resisted and stopped the suicide bombers from entering the chuches and protecting thousands of worshipers.
However, there were blasts on the main gates resulting in 22 killings and 86 people seriously injured. Police arrested two Muslims, who were the suspects. Unfortunately, both the suspects were snatched by a mob of Christian youths who lynched them. Two days later police started crackdown against the Christian community of Youhanabad. Police entered homes and arrested 200 young boys and men, of which 42 men are still in prison. Families of these men now have a problem to survive, let alone are able to pay school fees.

Eerlijk Delen has donated €2.150 for school books for 50 pupils.